The abbey court murder by annie haynes

Alice by elizabeth eliot

All done by kindness by doris langley moore

The amazing chance by patricia wentworth

Amber by stephan collishaw

Anna and Her Daughters by D.E. stevenson

The annam jewel by patricia wentworth

Anne belinda by patricia wentworth

Apples & prayers by andy brown

Apricot sky by ruby ferguson

Arrest the bishop? by winifred peck

The art school murders by moray dalton

The astonishing adventure of jane smith by patricia wentworth

The attending truth by E.R. punshon

The bath mysteries by E.R. punshon

The beatles in tonypandy by euron griffith

Because of Sam by molly clavering

Beggar's choice by patricia wentworth

Begin again by ursula orange

Being and becoming: a memoir by myrna loy

The belfry murder by moray dalton

The belgrave manor crime by moray dalton

Beneath the visiting moon by romilly cavan

Bewildering cares by winifred peck

The billiard room mystery by brian flynn

The black cabinet by patricia wentworth

Black edged by brian flynn

Bleeding hooks by harriet rutland

The blind side by patricia wentworth

Blindfold by patricia wentworth

The blue diamond by annie haynes

Blue murder by harriet rutland

The blue sapphire by D.E. stevenson

The body on the pavement by gordon meyrick

The body in the road by moray dalton

Bramton wick by elizabeth fair

Bright blue beads by maxine adams miller

Brought to book by tim heald

Brought to light by E.R. punshon

The bungalow mystery by annie haynes

Business unusual by tim heald

My caravaggio style by doris langley moore

The case of the amateur actor by christopher bush

The case of the benevolent bookie by christopher bush

The case of the burnt bohemian by christopher bush

The case of the counterfeit colonel by christopher bush

The case of the extra man by christopher bush

The case of the faithful heart by brian flynn

The case of the flowery corpse by christopher bush

The case of the 100% alibis by christopher bush

The case of alan copeland by moray dalton

The case of the april fools by christopher bush

The case of the black twenty-Two by brian flynn

The case of the bonfire body by christopher bush

The case of the chinese gong by christopher bush

The case of the climbing rat by christopher bush

The case of the corner cottage by christopher bush

The case of the corporal's leave by christopher bush

The case of the curious client by christopher bush

The case of the dead diplomat by basil thomson

The case of the dead shepherd by christopher bush

The case of the fighting soldier by christopher bush

The case of the flying donkey by christopher bush

The case of the fourth detective by christopher bush

The case of the green felt hat by christopher bush

The case of the hanging rope by christopher bush

The case of the happy medium by christopher bush

The case of the happy warrior by christopher bush

The case of the haven hotel by christopher bush

The case of the housekeeper’s hair by christopher bush

The case of the kidnapped colonel by christopher bush

The case of the leaning man by christopher bush

The case of the magic mirror by christopher bush

The case of the missing men by christopher bush

The case of the missing minutes by christopher bush

The case of the monday murders by christopher bush

The case of the murdered major by christopher bush

The case of naomi clynes by basil thomson

The case of the platinum blonde by christopher bush

The case of the purloined picture by christopher bush

The case of the running mouse by christopher bush

The case of the second chance by christopher bush

The case of the seven bells by christopher bush

The case of sir adam braid by molly thynne

The case of the purple calf by brian flynn

The case of the silken petticoat by christopher bush

The case of the three lost letters by christopher bush

The case of the three strange faces by christopher bush

The case of the tudor queen by christopher bush

The case of the painted ladies by brian flynn

The case of the red brunette by christopher bush

The case of the russian cross by christopher bush

Cecil by elizabeth eliot

The character of cricket by tim heald

Charlotte Fairlie by D.E. stevenson

Charters & caldicott by stella bingham

A chelsea concerto by frances faviell

Cold evil by brian flynn

The coldstone by patricia wentworth

Comes a stranger by E.R. punshon

Company in the evening by ursula orange

Denis compton: the authorized biography by tim heald

The condamine case by moray dalton

The conqueror inn by E.R. punshon

Gladys cooper by sheridan morley

The creeping jenny mystery by brian flynn

The crime coast by elizabeth gill

Crime on my hands by george sanders

Crime de luxe by elizabeth gill

The crime at the noah’s ark by molly thynne

The crime at tattenham corner by annie haynes

Crossword mystery by E.R. punshon

The crow’s inn tragedy by annie haynes

The crystal beads murder by annie haynes

Cut throat by christopher bush

The dancing bear by frances faviell

Dancing death by christopher bush

Danger calling by patricia wentworth

Danger at my heels by gordon meyrick

Dark is the clue by E.R. punshon

The dark garden by E.R. punshon

Darkling death by francis vivian

The dartmoor enigma by basil thomson

Dead man twice by christopher bush

Dead or alive by patricia wentworth

Dead man’s music by christopher bush

Dead man’s quarry by ianthe jerrold

Dead on cue by anne morice

Dead opposite the church by francis vivian

Dear hugo by molly clavering

Death among the sunbathers by E.R. punshon

Death of a beauty queen by E.R. punshon

Death comes to cambers by E.R. punshon

Death in the cup by moray dalton

Death in the dentist's chair by molly thynne

Death and the dutiful daughter by anne morice

Death of a frightened editor by E. & M.A. radford

Death of a gay dog by anne morice

Death in the grand manor by anne morice

Death has no tongue by joan A. cowdroy

Death of a heavenly twin by anne morice

Death in the round by anne morice

The death of mr. lomas by francis vivian

A death on the ocean wave by tim heald

Death and the professor by E. & M.A. radford

Death by two hands by peter drax

Death and the d’urbervillles by tim heald

Death and the visiting fellow by tim heald

Death of a wedding guest by anne morice

This delicate murder by henrietta clandon

Design for dying by anne morice

Diabolic candelabra by E.R. punshon

Dictator’s way by E.R. punshon

Dolly’s mixture by dorothy scannell

Dolly’s war by dorothy scannell

The dower house mystery by patricia wentworth

Down under by patricia wentworth

The draycott murder mystery by molly thynne

The dusky hour by E.R. punshon

The ebony stag by brian flynn

The edge of terror by brian flynn

Eight years in cocaine hell by annie C. meyers

The elusive bowman by francis vivian

The end of the chase by cecil waye

The english festivals by laurence whistler

The english air by D.E. stevenson

Evel incarnate by steve mandich

Evenfield by rachel ferguson

Everybody always tells by E.R. punshon

The Fair Miss Fortune by D.E. stevenson

Family ties by celia buckmaster

Fanfare for tin trumpets by margery sharp

Fatal charm by anne morice

Fear by night by patricia wentworth

Fear and trembling by brian flynn

The festival of christmas by laurence whistler

The figure of eight by cecil waye

The five red fingers by brian flynn

Five windows by D.E. stevenson

The fledgeling by frances faviell

Fool errant by patricia wentworth

The foolish gentlewoman by margery sharp

A footman for the peacock by rachel ferguson

Forever the People by paolo hewitt

The fortescue candle by brian flynn

Four strange women by E.R. punshon

Four gardens by margery sharp

Fresh from the country by miss read

A game of snakes and ladders by doris langley moore

Getting away with murder? by anne morice

Getting high by paolo hewitt

Getting the picture by sarah salway

The ginger cat mystery by robin forsythe

Glittering prizes by brian flynn

The golden dagger by E.R. punshon

Good by stealth by henrietta clandon

Great nursing disasters by stella bingham

Green Money by D.E. stevenson

The grim maiden by brian flynn

The gutenberg murders by gwen bristow & bruce manning

Harlequin house by margery sharp

A harp in lowndes square by rachel ferguson

He dies and makes no sign by molly thynne

He shot to kill by peter drax

Heaven's promise by paolo hewitt

The heel of achilles by E. & M.A. radford

Helen passes by by E.R. punshon

Henry by elizabeth eliot

High seas murder by peter drax

Hole and corner by patricia wentworth

Hollow vengeance by anne morice

The hollywood raj by sheridan morley

The horn by brian flynn

The house in charlton crescent by annie haynes

A house in the country by ruth adam

The house of godwinsson by E.R. punshon

The house opposite by barbara noble

A house on the rhine by frances faviell

Hue and cry by patricia wentworth

The incomparable rex by patrick garland

Information Received by E.R. punshon

The initials in the heart by laurence whistler

Inquest by henrietta clandon

Intoxicology by stuart walton

Invisible death by brian flynn

The invisible host by gwen bristow & bruce manning

It might lead anywhere by E.R. punshon

Brian johnston: the authorized biography by tim heald

Just desserts by tim heald

Kate Hardy by D.E. stevenson

Killing with kindness by anne morice

Kind hearts and coronets by roy horniman

Kingdom lost by patricia wentworth

Knock, murderer, knock! by harriet rutland

The ladies of locksley by francis vivian

Lana: the lady, the legend, the truth by lana turner

Landscape in sunlight by elizabeth fair

The lark by E. nesbit

The last girl by stephan collishaw

The late mrs. prioleau by monica tindall

The laughing dog by francis vivian

The league of matthias by brian flynn

Let him lie by ianthe jerrold

Love comes home by molly clavering

Alan mcGee and the story of creation records by paolo hewitt

The man with the dark beard by annie haynes

The many mizners by addison mizner

The mardi gras murders by gwen bristow & bruce manning

Steve marriott: all too beautiful by paolo hewitt

The master of the priory by annie haynes

Masterstroke by tim heald

Meditation and mental prayer by wilfred knox

Memoirs of a professional cad by george sanders

The men in her death by anne morice

The milliner’s hat mystery by basil thomson

The mingham air by elizabeth fair

Ministering angels by stella bingham

Miss carter and the ifrit by susan alice kerby

Miss mole by E.H. young

Miss plum and miss penny by dorothy evelyn smith

Missing or murdered by robin forsythe

Mr. zero by patricia wentworth

Mother knew best by dorothy scannell

Mrs. martell by elizabeth eliot

Mrs. tim carries on by D.E. stevenson

Mrs. tim flies home by D.E. stevenson

Mrs. tim gets a job by D.E. stevenson

Mrs. lorimer’s quiet summer by molly clavering

Much dithering by dorothy lambert

Murder abroad by E.R. punshon

A murder is arranged by basil thomson

Murder at monk’s barn by cecil waye

Murder by chance by peter drax

Murder by proxy by anne morice

Murder isn’t cricket by E. & M.A. radford

Murder en route by brian flynn

The murder on the enriqueta by molly thynne

Murder at fenwold by christopher bush

Murder on french leave by anne morice

Murder in outline by anne morice

Murder jigsaw by E. & M.A. radford

Murder of lydia by joan A. cowdroy

Murder in married life by anne morice

Murder in mimicry by anne morice

Murder at moose jaw by tim heald

Murder on paradise island by robin forsythe

Murder post-Dated by anne morice

The murders near mapleton by brian flynn

The Musgraves by D.E. stevenson

Music in the hills by D.E. stevenson

Music tells all by E.R. punshon

Mystery of mr. jessop by E.R. punshon

The mystery of the peacock’s eye by brian flynn

Mystery villa by E.R. punshon

The native heath by elizabeth fair

A natural history of human emotions by stuart walton

Near neighbours by molly clavering

Night’s cloak by E.R. punshon

The night of fear by moray dalton

The ninth enemy by francis vivian

Not at home by doris langley moore

Nothing to report by carola oman

Nothing venture by patricia wentworth

Nursery tea and poison by anne morice

Odd man out: james mason – a biography by sheridan morley

One by one they disappeared by moray dalton

The orange axe by brian flynn

The other side of the moon: david niven by sheridan morley

Outrageous fortune by patricia wentworth

The padded door by brian flynn

Peace, perfect peace by josephine kamm

The perfect murder case by christopher bush

A pink front door by stella gibbons

Planning for murder by anne morice

The pleasure cruise mystery by robin forsythe

The plumley inheritance by christopher bush

The polo ground mystery by robin forsythe

Power on the scent by henrietta clandon

The prime minister's pencil by cecil waye

Publish and be killed by anne morice

Pursuit of a parcel by patricia wentworth

Reading the ceiling by dayo forster

Red shadow by patricia wentworth

Red stefan by patricia wentworth

Red herrings by tim heald

The red lacquer case by patricia wentworth

Reverse the charges by brian flynn

Rhododendron pie by margery sharp

Richardson’s first case by basil thomson

Richardson scores again by basil thomson

Robert my father by sheridan morley

Rolling stone by patricia wentworth

Run! by patricia wentworth

Sable messenger by francis vivian

Scared to death by anne morice

Scarface by armitage trail

Seaview house by elizabeth fair

The secret arts by azma dar

The secret of greylands by annie haynes

The secret search by E.R. punshon

Secrets can’t be kept by E.R. punshon

Robert shaw by john french

Silence in court by patricia wentworth

Sing a song of murder by peter drax

The singing masons by francis vivian

Six were present by E.R. punshon

Skinhead by richard allen

Skinhead escapes by richard allen

Sleep of death by anne morice

The sleeping island by francis vivian

Smouldering fire by D.E. stevenson

The snow-Woman by stella gibbons

So many doors by E.R. punshon

Somewhere in england by carola oman

Spam tomorrow by verily anderson

The spiked lion by brian flynn

The spirit murder mystery by robin forsythe

Spring magic by D.E. stevenson

The stone of chastity by margery sharp

The strange case of harriet hall by moray dalton

Strange ending by E.R. punshon

Stranger at home by george sanders

The studio crime by ianthe jerrold

Such bright disguises by brian flynn

Suedehead by richard allen

Susan settles down by molly clavering

Suspects – nine by E.R. punshon

The sussex cuckoo by brian flynn

The swiss summer by stella gibbons

Table two by marjorie wilenski

A talent to amuse: noel coward by sheridan morley

The Tall Stranger by D.E. stevenson

Ten star clues by E.R. punshon

Thalia by frances faviell

There may be danger by ianthe jerrold

There’s a reason for everything by E.R. punshon

They never came back by brian flynn

The threefold cord by francis vivian

Tom tiddler’s ground by ursula orange

Touch and go by patricia wentworth

Touch not the nettle by molly clavering

Tread softly by brian flynn

Treble exposure by anne morice

The triple bite by brian flynn

Triple quest by E.R. punshon

Tune to a corpse by peter drax

Two and two make twenty-Two by gwen bristow & bruce manning

Veronica: the autobiography of veronica lake by veronica lake

Village story by celia buckmaster

Vittoria cottage by D.E. stevenson

Walk with care by patricia wentworth

The warrielaw jewel by winifred peck

The weather at tregulla by stella gibbons

Weekend with death by patricia wentworth

What dread hand? by elizabeth gill

Who killed charmian karslake? by annie haynes

Who killed dick whittington? by E. & M.A. radford

Who killed stella pomeroy? by basil thomson

Who pays the piper? by patricia wentworth

Will o’ the wisp by patricia wentworth

Wine of honour by barbara beauchamp

A winter away by elizabeth fair

Winter and rough weather by D.E. stevenson

The witness on the roof by annie haynes

The woods in winter by stella gibbons

Yoked with a lamb by molly clavering

Young mrs. savage by D.E. stevenson

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