Netflix Trailers New Season of ‘The Crown’

Published on: 28th October 2019

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It seems as if we have all been lords and ladies in waiting over the past two years, with Netflix always teasing, yet never committing, to a release date for the third season of its much acclaimed and soapy saga of Elizabeth Windsor’s life on the throne. Happily, the streaming platform has just announced the season premiere date (November 17th, 2019), along with a tantalizing trailer that finds this year’s Best Actress Oscar winner Olivia Colman all pursed lips, pearls, and pooches as The Queen. Her beautiful and troubled sister, Margaret, is played by Helena Bonham Carter in a role she was surely born to play. The sets seems as scrumptious as seasons one and two, the costumes are authentic to both the era (the 1970s) and the royals who wore them, and with a sterling cast that includes Tobias Mendes (Prince Philip) and Charles Dance (Lord Montbatten), this is truly ‘appointment viewing’ in its truest sense, and we're already planning our premiere party, complete with Dubonnet and gin, both The Queen’s and her mother’s favorite tipple.

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